Ekadjaya Pratama Indonature

Ekadjaya Pratama Indonature is a well-known company that specializes in the production and distribution of natural production goods. Our brand, represents excellence and commitment to sustainability. We are proud to offer environmentally friendly alternatives, while supporting local communities in creating environmental sustainability from discarded waste.


We prioritize quality in every aspect of our production process. Our workers carefully craft each item and ensure it meets our high standards of excellence

Vision :
- Become an environmentally friendly company in Indonesia.
- Build awareness of the importance of protecting the environment
- Producing eco-friendly goods for a sustainable future
- Form changes in target public behavior in a more positive direction in protecting the environment.
- Building a common understanding of simple ways to support the go green movement
- Becoming a Trusted and Tough Environmentally Friendly Company
- Committed to providing customer satisfaction by maintaining quality, price, and time

Mission :
Providing quality products at competitive prices and beneficial to ensure satisfaction customers and foster good relationships with sustainable partners. Carry out general and special trading for food and non-food products with a target national market to international market Providing the best service in terms of increasing optimal results in terms of production, distribution, and marketing Establish mutually beneficial cooperation between manufacturers, distributors, agents, suppliers and consumer. Only produce with environmentally friendly materials so as not to create pollution on the environment.

Target Market :
The target of this product is all levels of society, so that the concept of a sustainable environment can be realized walk. Even though the expected target is all levels of society but now we are has a target focus on Malls, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other. Because now the government ban the use of plastic for these places. PT Ekadjaya Pratama Indonature is a national private company engaged in the producing environmentally friendly products or called go-green



An Integrity for us is strong trust and honesty will lead to results and quality the good one. Consistency in Integrity is key for us to continue to be able to give best.


For us, quality is not only about how we can offer products and provide the best service, but quality for us too about the reputation we earned because it can serve with our honesty.


Our commitment is a promise and also firmness for a our decision to stay running a business, for provide service, quality and the best results for customers we.


We will continue to innovate for create, develop, and implement products, processes, and new services with the aim of keep up with industry developments and can win from all the competition too can get satisfaction from customers.


Sedotan Purun are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Made from naturally purun plant, these straws provide a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite beverages while minimizing environmental impact.
Crafted with care, each purun plant undergoes a meticulous production process to ensure its quality and durability. Skilled artisans hand-select and cut mature purun plant, which are then cleaned, sterilized, and polished to create a smooth and hygienic surface. The result is a beautiful and functional straw that adds a touch of nature to your drinks.

Coconut Bristle Fiber

- 100% Natural Coir Fiber
- Length: 25-30 cm
- Moisture: +/- 16%
- Color: Golden – Brown

Coconut Fiber

- Moisture: 18-25%
- Color: Golden – Brown
- Length: 7-30 cm
- Impurity: +/- 5%

Sun Dried White Copra

- Moisture: 5% Max
- Protein: 6%
- Oil Content: 55% - 65% Max
- Dietary Fiber: 9%
- Shelf Life: 12 Months under proper storage

Natural Purun Grass Straws

- Length: 150mm & 220mm- Diameter: 3mm & 5mm
- Decomposes in 30 Days when in contact with soil
- Can be used for 2 Hours in Hot Water and 3 Hours in Iced Water

Purun Grass Straws

- 100% Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly, and Sustainable
- Made from Natural Organic Grass
- Durable, Lightweight, Aesthetic, and Versatile Grass Straws
- Non-Toxic, No Chemicals, Pesticides, or Preservatives
- Certified Biodegradable and Safe for Beverage Contact - Manufactured and Developed in Indonesia.

Coconut Coir Peat

- Size: 30x30x14 cm
- Weight: 4.5 - 5 kg
- EC Value: Below 0.5 ms/cm
- pH Value: 5.5-6.7
- Moisture: 35-50%

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

- Burning Time: > 120 Minutes
- Ash Content: < 2.5%
- Calorific Value (joules): 7,500 – 8,500
- Moisture Content: < 5%
- Fixed Carbon: 75-80%
- Volatile Matter: < 15%
- Ignition Time: 5-8 Minutes

- Cube C20: 20x20x20 mm
- Cube C25: 25x25x25 mm
- Cube C26: 26x26x26 mm
- Finger Cylinder F35: 20x35 mm
- Finger Cylinder F50: 20x50 mm
- Hexagonal Barbeque H35: 20x35 mm
- Hexagonal Barbeque H50: 20x50 mm

With clearly defined specifications and well-determined sizes, our 100% Natural

Banana Leaf

- Colour : Green
- Appearance : 100% Natural, Handle Antiseptics Carefully
- Width : 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm.
- Length : Minimum 100cm
- Shelf Life : 2 Years when properly Stored.
- Storage : In Cool and Dry Place, avoid strong light and heat
- Packing : As Customers Requirements



Gunung Krakatau Road, Tusam Lane No.69-B/02, Kel. Pulo Brayan Darat II, Kec. Medan Timur, Medan 20237.

+6282210119918 / +6281287282129

ekadjayapratama@gmail.com / ekadjayapratama@exitojoy.com

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